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Do you know the TRUTH

about Solar?

Quick Facts: 

  1. There are no mandated quotas for companies to have systems installed.

  2. If you own your solar system and pay taxes you MAY qualify for the federal 26% ITC. Only your accountant would know if you qualify. 

  3. "Not all homes qualify for solar" is a sales tactic used to lure you in. Yet it's true not every home is a "fit" for solar, it's based on factors such as shading and sun-hours. Like a home mortgage or a car loan, the only measured qualifier for solar is credit approval.

  4. With most solar companies, there are no out-of-pocket up-front costs, so one company is not more exclusive than the other. 

  5. Solar energy is not free - your CHOICE to go solar is!

Pick from our great offers!


1) $2000 cash rebate if signed before year's end (Dec 31, 2020).

Purchase or Lease of solar system




2) Pay no interest for the first year on solar purchase (cannot be combined with the above)


Plus, pay first payment on loan 60-days after installation. Most solar company's financing will have you start paying 30-days after contract signing; even if you're system isn't yet installed. To us, that makes no sense and it's not how we do business!

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Don't let sales tactics skew the truth about your choices with solar.

Book a FREE no-obligation virtual consultation with us to learn the truth and see if solar is a good fit for you!

Or, fill-out our "Get a Quote" form and have one of our representatives contact you to discuss your solar needs and interest.  

"Solar power is the last energy resource that isn't owned - nobody taxes the sun, yet."

                                             ~ Bonnie Rait - Singer/Songwriter

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Imperium Solar, established in 2017, is a solar brokerage and sales firm offering trusted, reliable services for property owners interested in converting their power supply to a cleaner, more cost-effective renewable energy source.


Our company is backed by partnerships with the top-rated national and international solar experts in the field and we offer the most competitive warranties and maintenance contracts available. We are driven by a loyal commitment to our customers and our loving mission to help protect the environment. 

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