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Maintenance & Repair
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Not all solar companies are created equal and sometimes our homeowners run into the unfortunate circumstance where the solar company hired to install a system is no longer in business and service is needed. Because of that, we created a division that focuses exclusively on the maintenance and repair side of the business with Solar Guardians™.


With Solar Guardians™, we are here to exclusively focus on your solar issue to give 100% attention to remedy the problem with dependable repair service, full-system inspection and analysis, maintenance, or removal and replacement of your existing solar system.


Here are just some of the services we offer:


  • System Production Analysis

  • Error Codes and Warning Diagnostics

  • Roof Mount and/or Ground Mount Repair

  • System Removal and Reinstall

  • Critter Guard Installation

  • Maintenance Contracts (unmatched in the industry)


Book a virtual session with us to discuss your maintenance or repair needs for your business or home's solar system.

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