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Eco-Friendly Rental Home Best Practices

An eco-friendly home can reduce your carbon footprint in numerous ways, not just in energy usage but also in your impact on the environment at large. Many small business owners may have some confusion about their ability to make a positive difference. As a starting point, your green efforts can begin by going paperless as you run your rental business. But it goes well beyond saving a tree. This guide covers everything from solar panels to installing smart thermostats and much more. Below, Imperium Solar presents some best practices when creating an eco-friendly rental.

1. Look for Solar Panels
Solar panels are a great feature to have in your rental home, especially if your tenants plan on living there for a few years. Installing solar panels not only helps save energy but also saves money in utility bills over time. Be sure to add it to your renovation checklist when planning the installation. If you’re looking for a residential solar installer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware, look no further than Imperium Solar.

2. Smart Thermostat
Some modern thermostats let you control your home’s temperature remotely, which means your tenants can save energy even if they’re not home. Nest is a popular smart thermostat that will automatically adjust based on their daily routine. How-To Geek explains that if it senses that no one is at home, it lowers its heat/cooling requirements and uses less energy than normal.

3. Low-Flow Shower Head
Installing a low-flow showerhead cuts down on costs and provides your tenants with a great shower experience. If you prefer a quick rinse to a long soak, consider swapping out your old showerhead for one that reduces water waste.

4. Energy Star Appliances If you’re thinking about buying a new appliance, consider getting an Energy Star model. Energy Star appliances are designed to be more energy-efficient than standard models—meaning they use less electricity while still providing good performance. Since they use less energy, your tenants end up spending less money on utility bills. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator or washing machine for your rental, look for one with an Energy Star label. You can also see which appliances have earned Energy Star certification at the Energy Star website.

5. Eco-Friendly Paints
As you’re preparing your rental property, it’s likely you want or need to repaint some or all of your house. When you do, choose paints from among the many eco-friendly options available. Many of these paints are manufactured with green/low-carbon processes, and all have low to no levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Your renters will appreciate the cleaner air quality inside their space and your commitment to a green world.

6. Greener Lawn Care
Despite being the most recognizable “green” part of most homes, most common lawn care practices are pretty bad for the environment. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and regular lawn-watering all make for a bright, beautiful lawn. But they also come at an environmental cost. Fortunately, there are several alternative green practices that will give you and your tenants the lawn you want without coming at the expense of the environment.

Protect the Environment
If you want to be energy efficient and protect our environment, then consider these best practices. Although some of these changes may cost you upfront, they will help your rental home become more efficient and greener over time.

Imperium is a Pennsylvania and New Jersey-based solar brokerage, sales, and installation firm offering reliable and affordable solar solutions for property owners interested in converting their power supply to cleaner, more cost-effective renewable energy sources. Reach out to the Imperium team today and let them help you Save w/ Solar!


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