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From Sunup to Sundown: Solar Panels Done Right

While it used to be a rare occurrence, solar panels are now more popular than ever. It’s not really a surprise either. Over time, homeowners have learned the many benefits of going solar, both for the environment as well as for their wallets. If you are considering adding these panels to your home, then Imperium Solar is here to assist with a helpful guide on the process of installing solar and the benefits you will see soon after.

Solar Panel Installation

Homeowners that are interested in solar panels should first understand the process of installation and if this alternative energy can even be used on your roof. There are many considerations to keep in mind, including where you live, the condition of your roof, and the space you have for installation.

Your roof will need to be in good repair because the panels are heavy, and if yours hasn’t been maintained, it may not be able to handle the weight. When you choose a solar company, the installer will come out to ensure that your roof is within the requirements. Coastal Windows & Exteriors notes that you’ll also need adequate space on your roof as the standard solar panel takes up 18 square feet. It is also ideal for your roof to have an angle of 180 degrees and face south, as that arrangement will get the most sun.

The actual process of having the solar panels installed is a relatively easy and quick job for an experienced installer like Imperium Solar. They will help you acquire the proper permits, and once the system is on your roof, you will need to have a representative from your electric company come out to inspect the setup. That process can generally take a few weeks to a month, and once approved, you will start experiencing the great benefits of solar.

Save Money On Solar Panels

The stories you have heard about the environmental benefits of solar panels are correct. Solar panels decrease greenhouse emissions because they create clean energy from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels. Solar panels also don’t produce the dangerous chemicals, such as nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide, that are created when producing standard electricity.

The government is very aware of these benefits and they are excited about the idea that if enough people go solar, we can improve the environment, which is so important to our survival. To help grease the wheels, homeowners who get solar panels are eligible for federal tax credits up to 26 percent for installed systems that produce at least half of the energy that your home uses regularly.

Not only will solar help you to earn money back at the end of the year, but other initiatives, such as the FHA's Energy Efficient Mortgage program, can also provide money to finance your solar installation and other eco-friendly modifications that you make to your home. This is a great program, and if you qualify, the cost of the solar panel installation will be incorporated into your mortgage at a lower rate.

Keep in mind, however, that there are other incentives based on where you live, so it’s important to research these options before making your decision. If you need assistance identifying which incentives are available to you, get in touch with Imperium Solar.

Other Solar Benefits for Homeowners

On the topic of money, another great perk of solar panels is that they energize your home for less. Depending on the costs in your state, solar power could save you $44 to $187 per month on your electric bill according to When you consider that the average electric bill is over $100 a month, this can be really great savings.

Another perk of solar panels is that they can increase the value of your home, so if you are planning on selling soon, you could get top dollar. Buyers are very interested in the environment and energy efficiency these days and solar panels are as good as it gets in this regard. Recent numbers show that panels can increase your home value by over 4 percent, which, in some cases, will add thousands to the asking price.

As you can see, solar panel installation is the gift that keeps on giving. By taking the plunge and installing this clean energy, you will benefit your family and your wallet, and you can’t ask for much more than that!

Imperium Solar is a Pennsylvania- and New Jersey-based solar brokerage, sales, and installation firm offering reliable and affordable solar solutions for property owners interested in converting their power supply to cleaner, more cost-effective renewable energy sources. Reach out for more information today! (856) 420-3388


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